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How Salesforce Policies Guide Ethical and Inclusive Use of Our Technology

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As we continue to advance the ethical and inclusive use of our technology, today we’re sharing more information on our Violence and Hate Policy.

For years, Salesforce’s Acceptable Use Policy has prohibited organizations and their users from advancing hate-related, discriminatory, or violent material or causes on our platforms. Defining and identifying hate-related material is critical to ensure that our platform is used ethically and in line with our core values. But this work is complex and if not applied thoughtfully, can be prone to bias and inconsistency.

Salesforce is committed to keeping hate off our platforms — but we don’t always have all the answers. That’s why we turn to experts to inform the enforcement of our policies, rather than defining them in isolation. Whenever possible, we rely on trusted third parties and we regularly consult both internal and external resources to guide us in this important work.

One of these resources is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) U.S. Hate Group List, a thoroughly researched list of groups promoting hate in the United States. We use this list — along with other trusted third-party sources — to identify hate groups and keep hateful material off our platform. In any case where we learn an organization may be using our platforms for illegal, harmful, and other prohibited purposes, we investigate and take appropriate action.

No policy or organization is perfect. That’s why it’s critical that we consult with resources from institutions like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the United Nations, and other human rights organizations. And it’s why we continue to be transparent about our efforts, sharing learnings and best practices as we build trust in our policies and help other companies keep hate off their platforms.

Salesforce unequivocally stands against violence, discrimination, and hate and we will continue to apply our policies in line with our values and in service to our employees, customers, and communities.

Learn more about how we’re advancing the ethical and responsible use of technology here.


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