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Salesforce Hits Half a Billion Dollars in All-Time Giving

Salesforce has reached over half a billion dollars in all-time philanthropic giving — a total of $532 million in grants since its founding. Salesforce also surpassed $100 million in annual giving in the 2022 fiscal year — a first for the company. 

“This is an incredible milestone for our team, and a testament to how our 1-1-1 model has evolved and increased in impact as our company has grown,” said Rebecca Ferguson, SVP of Philanthropy, Salesforce. “As we look ahead, we will continue to iterate on how we give and work with our partners on the ground who are finding solutions to key issues in our communities.”

Salesforce’s growth helps drive giving efforts

By giving 1% of equity, product, and employee time back to its communities, Salesforce’s ability to give is directly tied to company growth. With overall revenue up 26% year-over-year, the ways in which Salesforce is able to give continues to expand. 

In addition to monetary giving, more than 54,000 nonprofits and education organizations have received free or discounted product from, and Salesforce employees have given over 6.7 million volunteer hours to their communities.

Salesforce’s giving goes further as company acquisitions boost giving

As the company grows through acquisitions, philanthropic reach grows even wider:

  • Since its founding in 2014, Tableau Foundation has contributed nearly $100 million in software services and financial support to nearly 11,000 organizations working in more than 125 countries. 
  • In 2021, Slack donated $54 million to the Salesforce Foundation to support community investments. 
  • MuleSoft employees have donated $988,000 in all-time giving.

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