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Awards and Recognition

Salesforce Named a Leader in 2021 Enterprise Marketing Software Suites Report

We’re pleased to share that Salesforce has been ranked a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2021” report. 

Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope authored the 38-criterion evaluation. The report identified the eight most significant vendors, then researched, analyzed, and scored the eight most significant enterprise marketing software suites (EMSS) providers. Forrester defines EMSS as an integrated portfolio of marketing technology products that provide analytics, automation, and orchestration of insight driven customer interactions to support inbound and outbound marketing.

We received the highest possible scores (5 out of 5) in the following criteria: Customer experience capabilities, User experience, Consumer privacy, Product vision, and Partner ecosystem. Additionally, the Wave also notes:

  • “Salesforce puts customers at the heart of the industry’s biggest tech ecosystem”
  • “Salesforce is defined by its relentless expansion into all corners of customer engagement…”
  • “Salesforce’s EMSS solution will appeal to buyers who need to integrate omnichannel engagement and measurement with their customer experience practices.”

Modern B2C EMSS needs are shifting

To address current and future requirements, Forrester recommends in the Wave report that marketers pay special consideration to three key factors that differentiate EMSS providers:

  • Addressing data challenges. Marketing applications can’t be effective without access to the right data. Data ingestion, data management, identity resolution, and customer profile assembly capabilities are top of mind.
  • Rationalizing customer intelligence and analytics capabilities. Modern marketing places a massive premium on customer intelligence to guide targeting, personalization, and execution.
  • Embracing a platform strategy. The architecture and technology underpinning martech systems are critical for supporting integrations, extensibility, and agility.

Forrester’s research finds that in a year defined by technology complexity, the COVID-19 pandemic, and data deprecation, “Marketing technology has been a stabilizing counterpoint to these macro trends as emphasis shifted to digital transformation, optimizing for first-party data, and maximizing the impact of customer marketing.”—Forrester blogs, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2021 — Martech’s Cornerstone Realigns In The Face Of Disruption, April 2021

Our vision and performance

Nearly 70% of customers today expect personalized, connected experiences. In a digital-first world, companies can deliver on this expectation by putting the customer at the center of everything to build real relationships, moment by moment, across marketing, commerce, sales, and service.

At Salesforce, we empower enterprise marketers to deliver on this expectation with an integrated approach to data, AI, interaction, and trust. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, companies are able to know their customer through a single source of data truth for relevancy, humanize every moment at scale with Einstein AI-powered personalization, and optimize overall marketing impact with unified analytics.

We believe our positioning as a Leader reflects our dedication to helping marketers to deliver on the rising expectations of customers and the business, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on this commitment in the year to come.

For more insights from the Forrester report on Salesforce and seven other top vendors, download Forrester’s full report.


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