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Digital Transformation

Salesforce and Slack Partners Power the Next Level of Industry-Specific Digital HQs

Slack and Salesforce consulting partners are launching the first wave of industry-specific Slack solutions to bring the digital HQ to life for customers. The first wave of Slack Partner Industry Solutions will support customers in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Communications, Retail, Media, and Technology.

Why it matters: We are living in an era of distributed teams, where 49% of knowledge workers are in a hybrid arrangement and another 18% are in a full-time remote role. 

  • While many companies are adopting Slack as their digital HQ to help solve these workforce challenges, others need tailored solutions that address their specific industry requirements.

Innovation in action: Slack Partner Industry Solutions from certified consulting partners helps customers across industries navigate digital transformation:

  • Slack customers will benefit from a combination of Slack and Salesforce Customer 360 technology, along with advisory, strategy, organizational transformation, and change management services from partners. 
  • Slack Partner Industry Solutions are available from global consulting partners including Accenture, Atrium, Capgemini, Deloitte, Globant, IBM, KPMG, NeuraFlash, PwC, Silverline, and Slalom.
  • Customers will get strategic guidance from partners to create a digital HQ that helps solve industry-specific challenges.
  • Examples may include intelligent case swarming for lapsing insurance policies, anticipating customer churn for wealth management, streamlining the onboarding and management of manufacturing suppliers, transforming contact centers for retail and consumer goods companies, or boosting advertisement sales among communications and media businesses.

The Salesforce and Slack perspective:

  • “Slack helps organizations advance and accelerate their digital transformation plans, which can benefit the many businesses already using Salesforce,” said Tyler Prince, EVP, Worldwide Alliances & Channels, Salesforce. “And now, our consulting partners are providing industry solutions — built in Slack — with features customized to unique business needs. This is helping customers get the most out of their Slack and Salesforce technology.”
  • “The world’s largest and most influential consultancies have recognized that every customer needs a digital HQ,” said Richard Hasslacher, VP, Slack Alliances & Channels. “Slack and Salesforce are a key enabler to make that happen. Having these partners engaged and primed to deliver these industry solutions is a big step in our ability to bring the digital HQ to market.”

More information:

  • To learn how consulting partners are helping their customers build digital HQs, check out this blog post from Slack. 
  • Find Slack Partner Industry Solutions partners on AppExchange.
  • To learn more about the Salesforce partner ecosystem, visit this page.
  • To become a Slack and Salesforce consulting partner, get started here.

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