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Slack Taps Salesforce Consulting Partners to Build Digital HQs

Salesforce, Slack, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Slalom offer their perspective on the news

In today’s hybrid work world, digital collaboration is essential for organizations to stay productive and competitive. That’s why Slack and Salesforce have created new innovations designed to build digital HQs optimized for working from anywhere. 

Today, Slack announced that it is partnering with Salesforce consulting partners including Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and Slalom to help bring these innovations to customers in any industry. 

Salesforce’s partner ecosystem has long been critical to customer success. According to a recent study by IDC, the ecosystem of Salesforce partners supporting Salesforce customers’ implementations is five times as big as Salesforce itself, and will be more than six times as big in 2026. Enabling these partners with the right tools — including Slack — to help customers on their digital transformation journeys is imperative.

Tyler Prince, EVP, Channels & Alliances at Salesforce, Rich Hasslacher, VP of Alliances and Channels at Slack, and representatives from Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Slalom offered their insights on what partnering with Salesforce and Slack means for the future of work.

What does the addition of Slack capabilities for consulting partners bring to customers? 

  • “While Salesforce is a market-leading technology company across multiple solution categories and enables transformational change at the product level, consulting partners are the trusted advisors when it comes to driving multifaceted organizational change. By working together, Slack and Salesforce customers benefit from a complete end-to-end solution that delivers the required impact.” — Rich Hasslacher, VP of Alliances and Channels, Slack
  • “The market opportunity for Salesforce partners is massive. Our consulting partners currently serve thousands of Salesforce customers that are not currently Slack customers. That represents a large potential customer base that could benefit from Slack’s capabilities and the related services our consulting partners offer to help customers implement and innovate around Slack.” — Tyler Prince, EVP, Channels & Alliances, Salesforce

Tell us about a Salesforce + Slack customer implementation that was successful.

  • “Earlier this year, we worked with the University of Southern California (USC) to enhance their digital environment using Salesforce. In addition, USC urgently needed to create a virtual campus to enhance digital collaboration capabilities between students, faculty, and staff due to the pandemic. In response, Deloitte helped USC build a digital collaboration platform using Slack that not only elevated the student and faculty experience but prioritized inclusivity and accessibility with features like voice-to-text transcription and background color selections. As a result, the platform brought over 65,000 members across different groups in the organization to create one virtual USC.” – Tom McAleer, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • “Back in March, a state’s health department was struggling to manage a large COVID call center. They already had a Slack deployment, but we added Service Cloud for 750 users. By combining Slack and Service Cloud case management, we streamlined the way the internal teams shared information about pressing cases and solved for knowledge management, thus reducing logistical challenges during this health crisis.” — Katie Dunlap, Managing Director, Global Salesforce Capabilities & Industries, Slalom

How does adding Slack capabilities change how your company already works with Salesforce?

  • “Adding Slack capabilities to our offerings opens new avenues to provide value to our clients. Enterprise collaboration strategy, change management, governance, and of course, our innovative technology implementation capabilities, come together under one roof to give our clients a full suite of services. Slack is bringing a new group of client stakeholders interested in our broad range of services.” — Andy Ognenoff, managing director and chief technologist, Accenture Salesforce Business Group
  • Informed by IBM’s own experiences as an early adopter and extensive user of Slack, we are focused on helping companies redesign and transform their businesses and processes end-to-end around their employees and customers, in a way where Slack becomes the human integration layer across the company’s platform stack. Slack has enabled IBM to redesign our workflows to be more collaborative, efficient, and human.” — Al Jenkins, Managing Partner, IBM Consulting

What does the future of work mean to you? And what role do you think software plays in shaping it? 

  • “The future of work really means two things. One: being able to sell, service, market, conduct commerce, and more from anywhere. And two: enabling organizations to work more efficiently, effortlessly, and from any setting. Salesforce helps you maintain a complete 360-degree view of your customers, and Slack is the connective tissue that helps make workflow more seamless and supports the way people naturally work together — in real time or not, in-person and remote, structured and informal.” Tyler Prince, EVP, Channels & Alliances, Salesforce
  • “The ‘Future of Work’ is really the ‘Now of Work.’ There are constantly-shifting macro factors that impact how knowledge workers can be most effective in their role. Best-in-class ISVs work with the most innovative and forward-thinking companies to shape the ‘Now of Work,’ investing deeply in building the most contextual and intuitive experiences that have the highest propensity to be adopted and improve productivity. For those companies who are not the innovators or early adopters, these ‘Now of Work’ experiences are the ‘Future of Work’ experience for them.” Rich Hasslacher, VP of Alliances and Channels, Slack    

Why are partnerships important to driving digital transformation?

  • “Companies are establishing partnerships or acquiring businesses with unique technologies that complement and grow their own lines of business. To expand their foothold in the industry — and even across industries — businesses are pursuing partnerships outside their primary areas of expertise. The success of modern, virtual enterprises will depend on how well business leaders pivot and reimagine their partnership and innovation strategies for a digital-first future.” — Al Jenkins, Managing Partner, IBM Consulting
  • “As we drive towards digital transformation, you can never have one source of truth. We’re going to see an explosion of opportunities for us to engage with smaller, innovative partner companies that, when incorporated into the larger picture, can provide solutions that create a sense of belonging in the remote environment. By prioritizing partnerships, it allows you to stay relevant in the digital HQ and create that space for employees. We haven’t even thought of some of the possibilities that can be created, but the more you can create and leverage partners as part of the solution, the better. — Katie Dunlap, Managing Director, Global Salesforce Capabilities & Industries, Slalom  

What excites you the most about partnering with Slack?

  • “The investment Salesforce is making around the platform capabilities of Slack is an exciting opportunity for us and for our clients. The work being done now is laying the foundation for partners like Accenture to innovate faster on industry and functional use cases without spending time on the mundane tasks of connectivity. Slack can be the glue between machines and people as we pursue a future of work that automates routine, repetitive tasks and frees up humans to work on creative and value-added work.” — Andy Ognenoff, Managing Director and Chief Technologist, Accenture Salesforce Business Group
  • “Slack is changing the space and realizing aspirations – empowering employees, accelerating collaboration, facilitating partnerships, and ultimately delivering business results. We’re excited to bring the power of Slack and Salesforce to our clients to reimagine the digital workplace of today into an ever-evolving space that transcends time and place.”Tom McAleer, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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