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What to Expect from the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release

The Salesforce Winter ’22 release is available to preview starting today. The release, which includes 300+ products and features, will be generally available to Salesforce customers after October 10.

New in the release, Einstein Conversation Insights Enhancements allows sales reps to match voice and video calls to related opportunities automatically. Digital Process Automation quickly assists your customers across a variety of interactions such as disputing a transaction. And, Einstein Bots Enhancements offers a template, which comes prebuilt with conversational text and Salesforce flows. 

See these features in action:

Also new in the winter release, Experience Cloud’s Microsites offers a template based on the Lightning Web Runtime (LWR), to capture user data and create leads without the overhead of developing a complete website. Additionally, Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud – Advanced provides customizable dashboards, custom KPIs and data extracts, and cross-channel insights via four ready-made apps. Lastly, Salesforce Order Management for B2B manages orders from any channel, and creates integrated buying experiences across channels by centralizing order, inventory, product, and customer data. 

See these additional Winter ‘22 features in action:

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Visit the Salesforce Releases page for more information.


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