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Automotive Cloud

Drive unified customer, vehicle, and retail experiences.

  • Enrich the Driver 360
  • Automate processes
  • Get intelligent insights
  • Power real-time experiences

Turn customer insights into seamless experiences with Automotive Cloud.


Enrich the Driver 360.

Dive into a data-rich view of your customers, households, vehicles, and fleets to make real-time, meaningful engagements.

Automate processes.

Simplify enterprise integrations and build branded, integrated dealer and customer experiences without code with Flow for Automotive.

Get intelligent insights.

Leverage AI intelligence to engage efficiently at every touchpoint and empower customer-facing teams.

Power real-time experiences.

Sell, service, and delight across customer and vehicle lifecycles with a solution designed for the automotive industry.

Here’s all you need to drive customer engagement.



Driver Console

Get a complete view of customer interactions and set up customised alerts for your teams.


Vehicle Console

Quickly access critical information, like vehicle details, warranties, or delivery reports.


Household Management

See a household’s complete driver and vehicle history to personalise support, offers, and sales.


Automotive Lead Management

Route high-value leads directly to the individual’s preferred dealership.


Partner Performance Management

Easily track how retail partners are performing, and collaborate on site visits, incentives, and more.


Automotive Data Foundation

Ensure intelligent data protection, global regulatory compliance, and flexible data sharing.

"With Automotive Cloud, we will be able to increase the competitive advantage for our entire mobility ecosystem by connecting customer data and vehicle management together within the same platform. This will allow us to deliver the best customer experience and to increase our customers’ lifetime value.”

Antonio Rodríguez López

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Astara


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