Connect with customers, close deals, and grow revenue faster.



Sales reps can close deals faster by easily creating quotes and managing products, pricing, and recurring revenue — all with the click of a button, on any device, at any time. They’ll also be more productive, thanks to guided selling with intuitive UI, streamlined product catalog and bundling, and automated approvals.

Channel Sales

Empower your sales partners to sell more, faster, with all the tools they need to sell, quote, and close — all in one place. Allow partners to create their own quotes, and control which partners can quote which products. Get better visibility into your partner pipeline, and increase partner mindshare by making it easier for them to work with you.


Finance leaders can add more value to customer relationships by automating the quote-to-cash lifecycle for subscriptions, services, and usage billing. By monitoring customer metrics in real time, leaders can track revenue growth and unit economics. They can also protect margins by adding sales process controls that ensure contracts are recognised as billed revenue.


Salesforce CPQ & Billing gives operations leaders a unified platform for building recurring relationships and keeping pace with product and market changes within their organisations. They can manage a unified product catalog across the quote-to-cash lifecycle, limiting SKU proliferation. Plus, they’ll be able to add new products and make changes to existing ones with simple clicks, not complex code.


Customer support teams can turn renewals into compelling events for customers by coordinating renewals across platforms and unifying everything on one sales contract. Teams can keep track of amendments in real time, so they’ll never miss a change. Plus, they can optimise their renewal strategy with analytics and automation.

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