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Introducing Salesforce Genie, the first real-time platform that helps you save money, save time, and grow revenue.

Deliver customer magic in everything you do.

Discover Salesforce Genie, the first real-time platform for customer magic. Unify data from sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and much more to build a real-time view of all your customers, so you can create magical experiences.

Create dynamic automation.

Automate common business processes and surface the most relevant process based on real-time data with Salesforce Flow.

Deliver intelligent experiences.

Leverage your unified customer data profiles to tailor experiences automatically with Salesforce Einstein.

Connect to real-time data at scale.

Harness the power of real-time data and take action across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more based on in-the-moment customer behaviour with Salesforce Genie.

See how F1® finishes first with fans.


We’ve seen explosive growth in recent years. By using AI and automation with Salesforce, we can better understand our data to deliver hyperpersonalised, connected, real-time fan experiences.

Marek Borowik

Head of Global Fan Engagement, Formula 1®

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Genie powers every part of Customer 360.



Drive efficient growth with customer magic.

Use AI and automation to quickly close deals and scale productivity across all channels.


Scale service with customer magic.

Connect and personalise every customer service experience in real time.


Build real-time relationships at scale with customer magic.

Personalise every campaign, journey, and moment in real time with connected data.


Maximise revenue with real-time customer magic.

Personalise digital commerce with AI from discovery to fulfillment.


Deliver customer magic with scalable, real-time apps.

Create custom apps, automate any process, and secure your enterprise.


Turn real-time insights into customer magic.

Discover the world’s leading analytics platform.


Real-time customer magic across every system.

Integrate all your systems and create magical customer interactions.


Deliver real-time customer magic from your Digital HQ.

Build relationships from anywhere, empower efficiency, and engage customers in the flow of work.

Discover new ways global brands are personalising at scale.

Learn how to aggregate, analyse, and activate customer data.

Get the resources you need to get started.



Turn data into meaningful customer moments.

Learn how to make compelling customer moments that become trusted relationships.


Create a data culture at your company.

Building a robust data culture across teams is challenging. Here’s how to make it happen.


Great data alone won’t make you data-driven.

For years, data transformation has lagged digital transformation. Companies need to make a deep cultural shift. Here’s how.

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