Salesforce IoT is a cloud-based application that creates meaningful business value across every IoT-enabled device. We do this by combining streaming IoT device data with customer context data from your CRM system in an accessible low-code environment. This allows business users to create meaningful customer experiences across every device in real time.

Most IoT software solutions today focus on device connectivity, data capture, and analytics — but where’s the customer context? How are you using that data to improve customer experiences? Salesforce IoT connects device data with context to drive measurable outcomes — ROI for IoT.

Salesforce IoT provides a layer on top of device-management platforms such as AWS IoT and Azure to ingest data at scale and make it actionable across other Salesforce clouds. Device functions, such as updating firmware, happen at the device-management layer. Functions that touch a customer, such as creating a case to address an impending product failure, happen in Salesforce IoT.

Salesforce IoT connects to your chosen IoT device platform(s) to ingest, transform, and enrich raw device data with context. Business users can then — with clicks, not code — create contextual business rules to drive measurable outcomes. 

Salesforce IoT natively integrates across the entire customer success platform. It allows you to create meaningful customer experiences across every business function and every device.

Salesforce IoT enables business users to harness big data, in real time, to drive actions and customer experiences like never before. When companies can blend device data with customer context data, business users can write rich rules, using a no-code user interface.

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