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Discover Marketing Cloud like never before. See some popular questions below to get some basic answers about product information, reaching real individuals, and guiding your customers on unique journeys.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is the platform for delivering relevant, personalised journeys across channels and devices — enabling marketers to deliver the right message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship. Marketing Cloud includes integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalisation, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis. Every imaginable customer interaction and engagement is covered, and guiding customers on their 1-to-1 journeys with your brand has never been easier or more effective.

Our customers range from business-to-business and nonprofits to some of the largest business-to-consumer companies in the world, like Sony, GE, HauteLook, and News Corp Australia. These leading brands, big and small, know that it’s more important than ever to develop and nurture real relationships — to enable their customers’ success, drive revenue, and increase their ROI.

Yes, there are several different subscription plans to choose from. One of Salesforce’s Account Executives can help you assess which plan is right for your marketing strategy.

Companies can provide a premium, personalised experience by leveraging a true 360-degree view of each and every customer with Marketing Cloud. Engage customers with the right message at the right time and on the right channel, resulting in deeper, more meaningful relationships. When you can connect the dots across these touchpoints, you are well on your way becoming a customer company.

Marketing Cloud connects discrete interactions, from any channel, on the customer’s terms. It unites customer data with customer behaviors in real time to create more intelligent communications and interactions that respond to and anticipate customer needs. Every interaction drives personalised, 1-to-1 communications that move the customer along in their unique journey.

A customer journey is a lifelong experience with your brand. It includes all touchpoints and impressions from interactions with your employees, visits to your website, experiences with your products, and beyond. Marketers can guide the customer journey like never before with cross-channel marketing strategies that combine digital and real-world experiences with your brand. The most successful companies create highly personalised and relevant content at scale across many channels to deliver 1-to-1 customer journeys.

Pricing varies based on each customer's individual needs. No matter your company's size or industry, our sales team will work with you to tailor a package that meets your requirements and price considerations.

Marketing Cloud delivers data and application functionality through the web, rather than having them reside on a user’s desktop/laptop/mobile device, hardware drive, or in what is otherwise known as on-premise solutions.

As a result, IT departments no longer need to worry about buying and provisioning servers to hold company data and can instead focus on creating applications that help the business run faster. And they don’t have to worry about installing applications on every device for every user in a business. Instead, users with web access simply log on to an app to access, share, and collaborate on relevant data and business processes immediately.

Salesforce has been a leader in enterprise cloud computing since 1999, virtually creating the category. Today, Salesforce has more than 100,000 customers and continues to be a recognised leader in cloud computing for businesses of all sizes and in nearly every industry under the sun.

Marketing Cloud Products and Digital Channels

Marketing Cloud is designed to create and deliver content on channels mandated by the customer and the situation. It provides a single location for all cross-channel content, enabling brands to speak with one voice and deliver a consistent experience. Whether the right channel at a specific moment is email, mobile, social, ads, in-app, or the web, today’s digital business leaders have a ready-made conduit to engage across marketing, sales, and service.

Visually plan and map out the interactions that will take place for groups of individual customers during each stage of the customer lifecycle with Marketing Cloud. The plan is not just for specific moments in time based on a single event, but instead for the entire customer lifecycle, which can unfold in a coordinated series of events and interactions based on individual customer behavior and your business objectives.

Email drives online commerce. Marketing Cloud offers hundreds of features to help you execute on every possible communication, from basic email marketing strategies to sophisticated campaigns using Predictive Intelligence. Drag-and-drop content tools make it easy for any team member to create emails. With dynamic content blocks for personalisation, integrated and automated predictive decisions, and predefined event triggers, you can automatically send relevant messages at any time during the customer lifecycle.

90% of all text messages are read within three minutes. Engage customers with real-time alerts and transactional notifications with easy-to-use tools. Create any kind of mobile message with ready-made SMS and MMS templates and a drag-and-drop interface. Trigger interactions at exactly the right time and place, enhancing the customer journey with personalised mobile experiences that engage when your customers are within a targeted geographic area. Plus, interact on GroupConnect, a new mobile messaging solution that extends customer journeys into group messaging apps.

Now your apps can connect to Marketing Cloud and be part of the customer journey, allowing you to leverage data, connected products, and connected spaces. Your apps can send emails, targeted ads, push notifications, and SMS messages prompted by any kind of data, such as app usage or location. You can set wait times for interactions and create decision and engagement splits to deliver customer content directly from your app — all measured at every touchpoint along the way. Map every customer journey from app download, to onboarding, to daily use, and beyond. Plus, reward your customers right inside your app and even provide them with world-class support the moment they need it.

Social Studio is the easy-to-use single interface from which to operate your marketing strategy across any and all social media channels. Schedule posts and manage your community, all while automatically forwarding important communications to the proper department within your company. For example, quickly get leads from Facebook to your sales department, concerns or queries from Twitter to your customer service department, or requests for new features or advice to your tech support specialists — all automatically and immediately. Even create dynamic content easily with a built-in photo editor.

Marketing Cloud has strategic partnerships with all of the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+.

Marketing Cloud is one of the select few Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers, where we gain early access to prelaunch product tests and sit on the PMD executive council.

Salesforce is also the only company to be a charter member of both the Facebook Strategic Partner Program as well as Twitter’s Ads API program.

As a launch partner of Pinterest’s MarTech Developer Alpha, Marketing Cloud has access to the Pinterest Business Insights API, providing marketers with data to better understand their brands’ effectiveness on Pinterest.

Selected as a LinkedIn Sponsored Updates partner, Marketing Cloud enables marketers to efficiently manage multiple campaigns, target premium audiences at scale with LinkedIn’s unique demographic data, schedule Sponsored Updates, and track and optimise advertising campaign performance using rich reporting dashboards.

Our web marketing tools equip marketers to easily create and measure the effectiveness of dynamic web pages and personalised content without programming skills. With CloudPages, you can rapidly develop and deploy consistent branded content across landing pages, microsites, Facebook tabs and more. And with predictive intelligence, static websites transform into 1-to-1 experiences with personalised content and recommendations tailored to each customer’s history and preferences. Then, measure the success of your web strategy with native web and mobile analytics, which feature marketer-centric dashboards.

With and Active Audiences, you can leverage your CRM data to target customers and elusive lookalikes at scale. With, you can reach customers on any device or channel with identity-based targeting via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Plus, Active Audiences provides powerful tools for using customer data you’ve already captured — like purchase history, web browsing, and email engagement — to deliver relevant ads via Facebook and Twitter. 

Predictive Intelligence makes predictive decisions based on customer data and behavior analysis. Track user behavior online, and automate messaging based on your customers’ individual preferences — giving you the ability to create and deliver relevant and personalised content to each and every customer without the hours and expense of manual work.

Marketing Cloud includes tools to manage all of your assets, and support workflows, approvals, and even versioning. Create, manage, and track content across all your digital channels from a single location to make searching, categorising, and filtering your content easier than ever. You can even assign tags, campaign associations, and owners to your content, and then use quick search functionality to easily track it down.

Data Management with Marketing Cloud

1-to-1 personalised is made possible at scale with a true 360-degree view of each individual customer. Marketing Cloud combines all data sources — including marketing, sales, and service — into individual contact records that are living, breathing, and constantly evolving. Every interaction with a customer — such as an email open, loyalty program registration, new-lead capture, in-store purchase, or service customer — adds to CRM data insights.

Marketing Cloud does more than capture data — it makes it actionable in real time. This is made possible with Journey Builder, which enables marketers to plan, personalised, and optimise customer journeys across channels. Illustrate the customer journey, understand where customers are on their path, and automatically guide them to the next step by detecting triggers. Any change to an individual data record — such an app download — can elicit a pre-approved response, such as an in-app push message thanking the customer and providing tips for use.

Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Each interaction can be aligned to a specific business goal, providing real-time insights toward attainment. At a more granular level, marketers can test different factors to optimise performance. What frequency produces the best results? On which channels? With what message? And perhaps most importantly, how can a marketer adjust and test combinations of each to improve performance going forward?

By leveraging intelligence-driven data throughout the customer lifecycle to deliver highly personalised messages across channels, Marketing Cloud positively influences customer perceptions of the brand. Benefits include increased customer satisfaction, increased purchases and renewals, greater referrals, and reduced churn.

In order to build great individual experiences, you need great data. That’s where our contact model comes into play. We offer contact management tools so that you can build a 360-degree view of your customer — leveraging native and non-native data from any source. And with our segmentation tools, you can slice and dice the data to find the right audience. Our contact model includes a Predictive Intelligence engine that uses advanced algorithms to predict the optimal content and offers for each individual customer or prospect in your database based on that customer’s history and real-time actions.

How Marketing Cloud works with Salesforce

Yes. Marketing Cloud is a core component of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. It operates alongside other clouds to complete the Customer Success Platform: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and Salesforce Platform. The 1-to-1 customer journey remains a seamless experience across your departments — ensuring your ability to anticipate needs and enable your customers’ success.

Across marketing, sales, and service, Marketing Cloud focuses on the 1-to-1 customer journey through all connected devices on every channel. Connect interactions from anywhere, combining customer data and behaviors to create relevant communications that are delivered in real time, on your customers’ terms.

Many organisations are not delivering data-driven interactions and experiences to their customers. Instead, these organisations communicate and interact with their customers through a series of disconnected, independent campaigns and messages — often across many organisational functions that are not coordinated, data-driven, or entirely purposeful.

Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud technology to drive powerful results in every business function. Employee acquisition and onboarding are automated with Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud provides sales teams with enablement materials and competitive insights, and joins with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to send event messaging over all channels. Salesforce also uses Marketing Cloud to foster new customer relationships with product awareness, support at scale, and targeted communications. Marketing Cloud powers Salesforce’s cross-channel social strategy and digital ad campaigns, as well.

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