B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce.

Reimagine engagement.


Grow faster with smarter engagement.

Real-time sales alerts, prospect activity tracking, and sales campaign tracking ensure that sales reps are following up with prospects right when they need to be.


More data at your fingertips helps you connect and close.

Access to marketing interactions, including multiple lead scores, right within Lightning helps you identify your hottest leads. Target each customer with a personalised approach.

Unite sales and marketing with Salesforce Engage.

Sell more effectively than ever before, in the office or on the go. Enable sales to lead the conversation with a library of marketing-curated content that can be deployed in just one click.


Improve follow-up speed with real-time alerts.

Get automatic notifications of prospect activity — in real time — via Salesforce CRM or the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

Enable sales with lead qualification.

Find the best leads faster using Pardot’s blended lead scoring and grading system.

Generate high-quality leads.

Run targeted marketing campaigns that keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads.


Capture leads with forms and landing pages.

Build custom landing pages and forms with intuitive drag-and-drop builders. Automatically set forms to trigger notifications, score increases, and more upon conversion.

Connect faster with personalised email marketing.

Create segmented lists that are tailored to your exact specifications. Send the right message to the right person at the right time using Pardot’s intuitive email editor.

Optimise your emails for the inbox.

Finally understand which content resonates the most with your email recipients — and ensure that your messages reach their mark — with email A/B testing and SPAM analysis.

Personalise the buying experience.

Dynamically change email and website content based on a prospect’s score, grade, industry, job title, and more.

Build meaningful relationships.

Personalise the customer experience with Engagement Studio, your B2B marketing command center to manage all touchpoints with prospects and customers.

Engage customers with dynamic, personalised campaigns.

Build custom engagement campaigns that adapt to each customer’s buying signals and move them through the pipeline faster.

Launch with confidence.

Visually map out your campaign, test each interaction before to understand the customer experience, and make adjustments with ease.

Assign leads at the right time — automatically.

Perfect the marketing to sales handoff and reach the right customer at the right time with built-in business rules, sales alerts and assignment triggers.

Calculate marketing ROI

Discover the true ROI of your marketing efforts with intelligent, customisable reporting. Gain insight into which campaigns and efforts are driving new business. Optimise and repeat.

Drive more revenue with actionable reporting.

Visual reporting and custom Wave for B2B Marketing dashboards enable users to dive deeper into data, and empower them to gain new insights into campaign performance to maximise marketing efforts. View success in context, so you can instantly adjust and improve.

Measure sales campaign success.

Easily monitor and control the success of Salesforce Engage campaigns with interactive, graphical dashboards. Identify top-performing emails and templates with key engagement metrics.

Understand sales funnel health and velocity.

Engagement and Lifecycle reports provide a high-level view of sales cycle health — and show you where prospects are getting stuck in the funnel.