Salesforce Platform delivers robust, scalable, trusted, and flexible infrastructure so IT can stop worrying about hardware and maintenance, and start building apps that drive real business results, fast.


Experience the most secure, reliable, and trusted enterprise cloud app platform. Focus on your apps, not infrastructure maintenance. Scale with ease. Build, test, and deploy on a shared infrastructure. Get automatic upgrades for your apps — no hardware, no headaches.


Salesforce Platform is built around a robust and secure architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most heavily regulated industries — from financial services, to healthcare and government. Org Security, User Security, Programmatic Security, Trust and Visibility — it all comes standard, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The Salesforce multitenant model provides clear boundaries between the platform and the applications that run on it. This eliminates the complexity and risk of entire hardware and software stacks that need to be maintained and managed for each application deployment. This means that Salesforce can deliver three automatic upgrades a year that won’t break your customisations, effectively making your enterprise infrastructure future-ready.

Salesforce Platform puts the world’s #1 cloud database technology at IT’s fingertips to build rich forms and customer data models without complex code. And all the apps supporting your business processes interact with exactly one (and only one) version of your data that is consistent and transactional. So IT doesn’t have to spend time and money on expensive integration between apps.

From the most trusted foundation to build apps on, to tools to build apps faster, discover why Salesforce Platform is the world’s #1 enterprise cloud computing platform.