Make real progress on process.

The Lightning Platform offers a rich set of programmatic and declarative automation tools that allow anyone — no matter what department, role, or business size — to automate complex business processes with apps.

Automate any business process, fast, with Process Builder.

Easily automate complex business processes with the Salesforce Process Builder. Without any code, identify the process criteria and automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks, or submit approval requests in a few simple steps. Visualize the entire process in one place to design and collaborate directly with a line of business owners. 

Easily extend processes with visual workflow.

Build multistep flows that involve multiple user interactions — like a wizard or guided UI for data entry — or that run in the background on their own with Visual Workflow. Visually string together one or more forms, business rules, and calls to back-end APIs to implement a complete business process without writing code.

Increase productivity and save time with workflow rules.

Use simple logic to set rules that automate standard internal procedures and processes — like recruiting and other traditional if/then statements — to save time across your org. Customize to fit your business needs with code or no code.

Take automation one step further with approvals.

Transform the way records are approved inside Salesforce. Specify a sequence of steps that are required to approve a record — including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process.

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