Go mobile with the complete CRM solution that lets you sell everywhere.


Manage your day on a single, unified app.

View meetings, events, and get account updates on the go with just one app. Join conference calls with a tap, and take meeting notes while in motion. Access and update your CRM data anytime, even while offline.

Close deals fast.

Track accounts and approve deals on the go. Be more productive with in-app notes, events, and task management. Get real-time views of sales performance with dashboards and reports. 

Collaborate with your team.

Connect instantly with your colleagues and team members. Create, view, and manage conversations. Send photos or files as attachments for instant collaboration.

Access all your files from anywhere.

Quickly access your files while you’re away from your computer. Easily find files already uploaded to Salesforce and also browse, edit, and share all your files, including Microsoft Office, with just a few taps.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM (customer relationship management) provides a full CRM experience to users on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sales teams on the road can access and update customer data, accounts and campaigns in real time improving the accuracy of data and driving productivity.

Advantages of Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM provides multiple advantages for sales teams working in the field. Before a meeting, they can check the latest real-time information about the client, for example. After a meeting, they can instantly update records with their latest activity and activate follow-up processes without having to get back to an office. Find out more: Mobile CRM.

What is Salesforce Mobile?

Salesforce Mobile is the mobile app version of Salesforce. The app gives users access to a fully-functional CRM via their mobile device. Because Salesforce is cloud-based users can access and update information from anywhere. Find out more: Salesforce Mobile Apps.

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