Opportunity Management

Manage all your sales deals with Salesforce. Even create quotes based on the deal information. And stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale, from anywhere.


Focus on what’s important. In fact, we’ll highlight it for you.

View critical details in a rich timeline of your customer's activity. Know whom you’re competing against, what stage your deal is in, and what moves you need to make next to win. Track all associated activities as they happen and receive updates when action is needed. Send emails simply with templates just a click away.

Streamline the sales process.

Your CRM solution should map to your sales management and business processes, not the other way around. Easily customise our app to reflect your sales and forecasting stages so you can drive process, productivity, and consistency the way you want.

Quickly create up-to-the-minute quotes.

Track which products are part of your deal, including quantity, standard price, quoted price, and product codes. Set up revenue and quantity schedules to mirror payment and delivery terms. With built-in quoting capabilities, you can automatically populate a quote with relevant customer data, generate a PDF from an approved template, and email it to customers directly from Salesforce in just a few clicks.

Provide guidance and congrats.

Deals happen fast. Keep your team informed with real-time updates using the Salesforce Mobile App. Update your deal status, pull in teammates for help, and more — all from your mobile device.

Maximise sales by improving opportunity management

When you’re managing a sales opportunity, you need the full facts at your fingertips. Without them it’s hard to close deals swiftly and beat the competition. Sales Cloud has everything you need for opportunity management, with all your data stored in a secure, reliable cloud infrastructure, so you can access all the relevant information and stay connected to colleagues who are working on the same opportunity. It’s easy to customise fields and layouts to suit your team’s ways of working. And you can invite people such as your competitive experts into the conversation to give their tips and advice as your key deals move from stage to stage.

Because everyone is connected and working from the same instantly-­updated information, selling as a team becomes smooth and efficient. Everyone can see where the lead came from, where the deal is at now, and when it’s targeted to close. Also visible are the deal’s products, plus quotes and any discounts. You can even see information on the competition. When the deal is closed, everyone gets the update and can quickly see the deal’s effect on the bottom line. Sales opportunity management with Sales Cloud is simple, fast and efficient, and makes teamwork easy wherever you are.

Our complete CRM Handbook gives a comprehensive overview of how CRM works from lead capture to opportunity management and beyond. Ready for the next step? Take a Guided Tour of Sales Cloud now: