Territory Management

Model your sales territories into a logical and flexible structure that maps the right sales reps to the right customers to maximise revenue.

Drive performance with territory modeling.

Copy a territory model so you can safely explore alternative modeling options. Use the new model to see what will perform best: new hierarchies, assignment rules, or territory assignments.

Define an assignment rule once, use it in multiple territories.

Assign a single rule to multiple territories. If you start from a territory record, you can also apply the rule to the territory’s descendants.

Run territory rules directly from the territory hierarchy.

A Run Rules option for each territory in the hierarchy means you can run rules for individual territories without leaving the context of the hierarchy.

Identify territory users by territory role.

Territory roles can help assigned users identify colleagues, collaborators, and other key resources to help close deals. Territory users can even have different roles in different territories.


Why is territory planning important?

Sales territory planning is all about matching your team’s strengths to your sales opportunities, so that the right people make the right connections at the right times. Using sales territory mapping you can assign territories according to geographical area, business type, history or potential to close. Whatever your strategy, you’ll need to make sure your territory planning is robust and flexible, because once it’s in place, you’ll need to be able to adapt it to changes in your business and your customer base. Territory management is an ongoing process that, if done right, will maintain great results over time.

If you’re implementing a sales territory plan for the first time, it might seem there’s a lot to do. Fortunately, a lot of the work can be automated with the sales force automationfeatures available in Sales Cloud. You can create a territory model and then clone it to test out different variations, or set up an assignment rule that can then be used for multiple territories. Territories can be organised in a hierarchy, with rules that apply across them all. You can even put team members working in the same territory in touch with one another automatically for easy online collaboration and give them access to the resources they need to close their deals.

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