Embed chat support on your website — and in your apps — with Live Agent.

Don’t lose customers over confusion or questions. Support your customers and prospects while they’re still on your site or in your app with real-time, live chat software.

Get personalised, real-time help online or in your apps.

Initiate a personalised live chat, based on how a customer or prospect is engaging with your site. Now with Snap-ins, you can also chat with customers in your apps. Even better, with multilingual support you can deliver the same great enterprise chat support around the globe.

Connect agents, drive productivity.

By connecting each live chat with a complete customer profile for context, agents can move quickly using customer chat sneak peek, keyboard shortcuts, and pre-written messages. Plus, routing chats to the right agents is easy.

Improve your team, improve your customer service.

With Live Agent, you can coach agents in real-time with private messages. You can also monitor agent queues to balance workloads and maximise productivity. But beyond that, you can tap into metrics on the full history of an agent’s performance and instant message sessions. Your team will be working faster and smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Live Chat?

Live chat is online customer service tool that allows customers and prospects to get help and support via a messaging app rather than by email or phone. Chat can start with a web user clicking on a chat link and getting a response from a customer service agent, or it can be initiated based on how a visitor uses a website.

How does live chat improve my website?

Adding live chat support to a website allows customers to get answers to questions without requiring them to navigate the site or phone a call centre. Common questions can have pre-prepared answers, improving the customer experience and agent efficiency.

How to use Live Chat Software

Live chat software is typically customisable. It can be set up to respond to enquiries or to initiate chat following set rules. Frequently used phrases and messages can be pre-prepared to save time and effort. Chat consoles can provide the context of other interactions the client has had with the business too, so facilitating effective ongoing communications.

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