Introducing the app that unlocks your customer service data.


Native integration with Service Cloud means you can instantly populate dashboards with relevant service data and embed them in the Lightning Service Console so your agents can make more informed decisions. Get up and running right away for quicker ROI, and enjoy the speed, scale, and security you already count on from Salesforce.

Now service managers can see critical key performance indicators (KPIs) like customer satisfaction (CSAT), average handle time, and first call resolution in one place — so they can coach the best team and enhance channel optimisation.

With Service Wave, agents and managers can open and close cases from the point of insight, and do it on any device — without shifting between disconnected analytics tools. So they can quickly create tasks, update records, and collaborate for faster resolutions and happier customers.

See firsthand how Salesforce is revolutionizing customer service with a free Service Cloud trial.  You can also join our Success Community to learn from other users, and help your business thrive.