Chapter 2: Understand Your Data

Learn how to visualise your data to make business decisions.

Once you take these critical steps, the challenge becomes seeing and understanding your data.

Despite access to more data than ever before, synthesising and making sense of data is still a challenge. Effective and easy-to-use tools to visualise data act as “translators” to answer important questions like:

  • Where are the opportunities to grow revenue?
  • What is my pipeline and funnel health?
  • Who is a churn risk?
  • How do I deliver the best consumer experience?

Promote Data Visualisation

The best way to understand data is to visualise it. Once M&E companies can see data, they are equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions. Here’s how.

Discover Key Insights and Act Quickly

When media teams visualise data, they immediately understand how content is being consumed and evaluate its success. For example, making sense of audience sociodemographic, behavioral, and consumption data informs B2C retention strategies and opens the door to upselling advertisers. To do this, teams can generate real-time, easily understandable daily insights about target audiences and consumer preferences. They also quickly respond to changing patterns of demand, manage customer churn, and predict which expansion strategies will be most profitable.

Reduce employee effort

M&E organisations can use data to instantly answer complex business questions and uncover solutions. Because these insights are native to a CRM platform, business users don’t waste time hopping between systems to find answers. If you are a part of a production company, you can use your data to improve operational efficiencies and automate processes. That may include streamlining typically labor-intensive tasks and even tracking how different versions of your content perform with different audiences. Out-of-the-box analytics templates and apps also help you get up and running quickly with intelligent experiences, reducing the burden on IT. Tasks that used to take days to complete can now be accomplished by a single individual in a matter of minutes.

Maximise marketing effectiveness

At a time when budgets are under increased scrutiny, a connected system provides a unified view of investments, performances, and outcomes across channels to make data-driven decisions. So if you’re an advertiser struggling with a complex ecosystem of brand partners, agencies, and systems, you can view ad sales data, identify and eliminate inefficient spend, and allocate budget to the most effective and efficient campaigns, channels, messages, and audiences. As a result, you are better equipped to drive brand awareness, acquisition, cross-selling, and loyalty.

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Chapter 3: Take Action with Your Data

Stay two steps ahead of your customers with new, innovative solutions.

See how to:

  • Anticipate behaviors
  • Deliver a personalised customer experience
  • Improve outcomes with future opportunities