Chapter 3: Evolve the Role of the Associate

Help associates feel safe and supported in their evolving role.
Associates are now playing key roles in last-mile fulfillment, sanitizing procedures, and foot traffic management. Take time to up-skill associates and keep them feeling safe, supported, and cared for in their evolving role.

Prioritize employee wellness

In a recurring Salesforce survey, supporting employee health and wellness is the top influence for purchase and loyalty decisions after discounts.

Re-skill associates

Seventy-seven percent of employees say their companies provide training to keep skills up to date. For retailers, there is added urgency to re-skill and train associates to meet new workplace demands and safety procedures.

Provide customized training on free digital learning tools like Trailhead. Then cross-train associates to prepare for the possibility of further restrictions, such as the option to help with customer service requests.

Give associates the best tools
Reduce the time associates spend face-to-face with shoppers by providing a mobile device. Associates can use their device to personalize their interactions with shoppers and recommend products based on history and preferences. Associates can also view digital inventory in real time and ship products from anywhere in the store.

Centralize critical information

Arm associates with the information and guidelines they need to protect themselves and shoppers. Communicate often on new guidelines, processes, and procedures. Centralize information in one place, such as on an employee portal or knowledge base and send SMS alerts.

Be sensitive to employee needs. Regularly survey associates on how they are feeling. If an associate is unable to come into work or does not feel comfortable doing so, implement a flexible attendance policy in which they can use their paid-time-off. Be sensitive to employee needs.

Keep every employee informed on your COVID-19 response and procedures with our free template.


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