CHAPTER 4: Digitise in-store customer engagement.

Give in-store experiences a digital boost to make each moment matter.

From special appointments to click and collect, digitising the in-store experience this festive season is more important than ever. With the right digital tools, retailers can give customers the memorable, personalised experiences they want while also providing frontline and back-office employees with the information they need to operate smoothly. Here’s what every retailer needs to do.

Empower shoppers to book in-store appointments.

In addition to special hours, use tools to give shoppers the option to book appointments for their festive shopping. This allows you to better manage capacity and assures shoppers that your store is adhering to safety guidelines.
Make every moment of this holiday season a little extra special for shoppers with Salesforce for Retail.

Give customers contactless checkout and return options

Reduce the number of interactions at the till with contactless payment options. Update your POS systems to accept mobile wallets (Apple Pay and PayPal), wearables and tap-and-go credit cards. Consider self-checkout and a contactless return locker, which makes it easy for shoppers to return items on their own.
“Things are always changing, so being adaptable – empowering your people to be able to do what they need to do in the moment – is absolutely critical for us.”
– Patrick Spence, CEO, Sonos

Enable store associates with the right tools and training.

Equip store associates with easy-to-use customisable mobile apps to streamline back-office processes. Quickly broadcast company news and updates in today’s fast changing environment, assign and track tasks to completion, and drive smarter decision-making with real-time automated reporting and analytics. With myTrailhead, retailers can seamlessly onboard new and seasonal employees and upskill current employees to meet evolving business demands at scale.

Next: Chapter 5: Provide creative and agile fulfillment options.

Plan ahead to prepare fulfillment channels and manage shopper expectations.
See how to:
  • Strategise effective fulfillment options.
  • Manage inventory predictably.
  • Communicate clearly with customers.

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