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Lightning Configuration and Customization

Adopt Lightning, fast.

Do you want to quickly adopt Salesforce Lightning but aren’t sure how to get started? This Accelerator will team you with Certified Specialists who can help you understand Lightning, roll it out to select users, discuss best practices for rolling out the Lightning UI and advise you on strategies to utilize Lightning Components and the Lightning Design System.

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What it can do for you

  • Increase employee and developer productivity
  • Decrease application development time
  • Increase number of applications released to end users

How it works

Certified Specialists will guide you through the process over a predetermined timeframe (typically 3–4 weeks):


  • Discuss current challenges and business goals
  • Discuss current plans to enable Lightning Experience


  • Identify best practices for rolling Lightning out to end users
  • Identify common patterns for migrating business processes to Lightning


  • Comprehensive understanding of new Lightning screens and features
  • Overview of the Lightning customization options, and their applicability to your business
  • Implementation considerations in the development of Lightning Components and Applications

Who should use it

Intended User

You want to take advantage of the new Lightning platform and migrate to the new user experience.

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