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Salesforce Sandbox Design

Leverage Sandboxes for fast, effective deployments.

In the Sandbox Design Accelerator, you will learn how to optimize the utilization of Sandboxes across concurrent development teams and how to create effective, repeatable processes for fast deployments.

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What it can do for you

  • Increased release velocity
  • Reduced IT development costs
  • Meet business demands swiftly

How it works

Certified Specialists will guide you through the process over a predetermined timeframe (typically 3–4 weeks):


  • Evaluate and review current sandbox architecture
  • Assess and understand concurrent development needs


  • Build recommendations based on best practices


  • Recommend optimized Sandbox Architecture and implementation guidelines
  • Recommend training materials on Sandboxes

Who should use it

Intended User

Teams seeking to align and manage delivery schedules across concurrent development teams and drive efficient release management through use of sandboxes."


  • Development and Release managers willing to drive sandbox adoption and leverage a mix of new and partial sandboxes
  • Open to altering your release management processes as needed
  • Implement or simulate releases through your new Sandbox Architecture

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