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Social Media for Sales Prospecting

Social selling is about using social media to gather priceless insights for your sales prospecting that will set your approach apart from the rest. Discover how to find and convert your next happy customer, all through free to use social media channels. Download your free eBook now to find out how.
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The CRM Switcher's Guide

It’s time to switch to a modern, social CRM system that’s in tune with the way you work and the way your customers want to interact with you. With, making that switch is easy. This guide will show you how.
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The Multi Channel Customer Service buyers checklist

This guide outlines what to look for in a multi-channel customer service platform (and why). It should help to narrow down the CRM options facing you, so you can choose the platform that will best serve you – and your customers’ – needs, now and into the future.
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Multi Channel Customer Service

This Multi-Channel Customer Service eBook will show you, the long-suffering customer service leader, how to get your service organisation out of the 20th century and into the world of always-on, real-time, social-powered and mobile-enabled customer service.
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Sales Forecasting

Every business would love to get a clear picture of the future. Without the multitude of surprises we all face every year, we could all make better, more informed business decisions.

Done right sales forecasting can provide unparalled insights into your business so download our free eBook and see how you can start creating your own sales forecasts today.
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48 Ways to Social-Power your Business

Social media is fundamentally changing the most important processes in business – everything from sales and marketing to customer service, collaboration and beyond.

This new eBook gives you 48 practical steps you can take right now to harness the power of social media across your organization.
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Running your business from a Browser

For many small companies, technology can play a critical role – streamlining 
and automating the way you win business, satisfy customers and manage financials.

Our free eBook is an introduction to Cloud computing and a quick survey of all the different ways that businesses are starting to run their most important processes – from sales and marketing to accounting and HR – from a browser.
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The State of Social Media 2012 with our panel of social media experts

Social media hit the business world like a tornado. There aren't many businesses out there that aren't experimenting with some form of social media. Hear what our dream-team panel of social media experts and practitioners had to say when they were asked a range of questions to access the state of social media for 2012.
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The Social-Powered Enterprise: How social media is transforming your three most important disciplines

Our free 25 page eBook will teach you how Social Media is transforming your 3 most important disciplines, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. The Social Media revolution has amplified the voice of every customer and empowered us all to take greater control of our relationships with the companies and brands we choose to do business with. Make sure your company isn't getting left behind.
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