Ten Social Media Vendors - A who’s who for the social enterprise.




A summary of the September 2, 2011 Dreamforce session, covering:

  • Ten key tools for social media success, in a nutshell
  • Bitly, Fliptop, Get Satisfaction, HootSuite, Hubspot
  • Klout, PageLever, Sharethrough, SlideShare, Wildfire
  • Links to the people behind the solutions
  • Stats & sound bites from the session

The Speakers

Matt LeMay
Platform Manager, Bitly
twitter@mattlemay - Matt's Blog
Doug Camplejohn
CEO and founder, Fliptop
twitter@camplejohn - Doug's Blog
Thor Muller
CTO and co-founder, Get Satisfaction
twitter@tempo - Thor's Blog
Greg Gunn
VP of Business Development, HootSuite
twitter@Gunnr - Greg's Blog
Laura Fitton
Founder, oneforty (acquired by HubSpot)
twitter@pistachio - Laura's Blog
Jeff Widma
Co-Founder, PageLever
twitter@jeffwidman - Jeff's Blog
Dan Greenberg
CEO and founder, Sharethrough
twitter@MrDAG - Dan's Blog
Matthew Thomson
VP of Platform, Klout

Jeff Slobotski, Founder, Silicon Prairie News
Marcus Nelson, Director of Social Media, Salesforce.com

Watch the full ‘Who’s Who in Social’ Dreamforce session.

Customer Video

Quick summary

The social web is complex and the social media tools and technologies available to enterprises can be confusing. This Dreamforce session simplifies the landscape by introducing the main social media vendors – and showing how they can help you get more from social media.


Why does social media deliver ROI?

  • 57%¹ of companies have acquired a customer through their blog.
  • 41%¹ of B2B companies have acquired a customer using Facebook.
  • 42%¹ of companies have acquired a customer using Twitter.

[Source: ¹HubSpot, State of Inbound Marketing Report 2011]

Social media sound bites

niall-harbison-thumb-xs Matt LeMay, Platform Manager, Bitly

“Social media can drive more traffic than search… but only for the companies that do it right… You can’t win the social web without understanding the social web.”

niall-harbison-thumb-xs Laura Fitton, HubSpot

“Marketing, marcom, advertising, PR is all being turned inside out. We’re going from a world in which ‘the only way to get her done’ was to help companies sell and piss people off. Now it’s about helping people buy, helping people solve the problem that your business at its core solves”.

niall-harbison-thumb-xs Jeff Widman, PageLever

“Engaging does not equal expensive… focus on using effective content using analytics.”

Ten social media vendors - A toolset for the social enterprise

1. Bitly
Long URLs break easily. Bitly is a ULR shortner that can be reliably branded and tracked across platforms from Facebook to IM. Track where your links go, and which spread most so you can spot marketing opportunities. 15,000 users use Bitly and there are 8 billion clicks on Bitly links every month.

“The social web is like the freaking Wild West right now… there are no rules… Bitly sits between your content and the entire social web to make sure your content can be reliably tracked and branded everywhere.
Matt LeMay, Bitly, twitter@mattlemay


2. Fliptop
Get social while you sleep. Turn email addresses into full social profiles, including public Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn data. And integrate with Salesforce, adding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn data to your leads and contacts, for targeted marketing

“We’ve added a fourth way [to use Fliptop] directly into Salesforce. We have an app exchange model that you can plug in… that will automatically let you add this [social] data to status leads and contacts.
Doug Camplejohn, Fliptop, twitter@camplejohn


3. Get satisfaction
Build an online community to enable productive conversations between you and your customers. Get Satisfaction has developed over 60,000 social customer support communities, from start-ups to multinationals like Microsoft, BT and P&G

“We’re the de facto standard for creating online communities for every size business… It takes minutes to set up and, importantly, it connects the full range of social business from Facebook external to the internal business models inside Salesforce.
Thor Muller, Get Satisfaction, twitter@tempo

4. HootSuite
A social media dashboard for 2 million + SME users, including WWF, Pepsi and NBC. HootSuite helps makes your experience on social more effective, from engagement, analytics, workflow and security to support

“We give advanced tools that are focused to businesses so they have a more effective experience on social. One of those features that we’re really known well for is scheduling.
Greg Gunn, HootSuite, twitter@Gunnr

5. HubSpot
HubSpot’s inbound marketing software gives you one-stop tools from multi-channel analytics to blogging, SEO and social media tools, and marketing automation. Helping you earn quality leads and retain customers by creating marketing that people love

“HubSpot [as] best described by one of our customers is ‘an underpaid, overachieving marketing employee.’ It’s a set of tools and a platform for organising all your marketing. Much like a Salesforce but for marketing.
Laura Fitton, HubSpot, twitter@pistachio

The standard for influence. Klout analyses how influential people are socially and helps you leverage the influence of the influential. Who should you ask to review your product? Whose complaint should you prioritise?

“In the past when you looked at the cost of customer acquisition you might say: how much are they going to spend with me in their lifetime? …Don’t just think about the spend; look at them also as the through marketer. How much are they going to be able to influence for your company?
Matthew Thomson, Klout, twitter@daddymention

7. PageLever
Better Facebook analytics for your Facebook page. Understand what works on Facebook so you can drive more fans, traffic, comments and newsfeed impressions. Used by four of the ten largest pages, including YouTube and MTV.

“I worked for an agency called Brandglue and helped Redskins become the fastest growing page in the NFL. I helped YouTube become the fastest growing brand in all of Facebook… I got completely frustrated with Facebook analytics… so I started PageLever.
Jeff Widman, PageLever, twitter@jeffwidman

8. Sharethrough
The future of marketing is content, not ads. Sharethrough is Google AdWords for video, optimised for sharethrough rates (not clickthrough rates). Guarantees views and maximises sharing of your branded videos.

“When people choose to spend time with something it’s a lot more powerful. You see almost a hundred times higher engagement rates if someone’s chosen to spend time with it [content] rather than being interrupted with a display ad.
Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough, twitter@MrDAG

9. SlideShare
The best way to share presentations, documents and professional videos online. See what content people are into and where they share it, and gain leads from its B2B community. SlideShare is a top 200 website, with 50 million visitors per month and 3 billion slide views a month.

“SlideShare is the world’s largest social content network. Some people might have got the impression that we were YouTube for PowerPoint but we’ve evolved quite a bit since then… [including offering you the ability to] build out a nice branded channel to capture leads.
Ross Mayfield, SlideShare, twitter@ross

10. Wildfire
All the tools you need to handle your social media marketing. From growing your audience to turning them into paying customers and benchmarking results. Thousands of happy customers, ranging from small companies to multinationals like Facebook.

“It’s such a new industry that it’s sometimes hard to know: should I be happy with these results or should I not? So that’s something we’ve been working on to really provide benchmarking against your competitors, across your industry.
Victoria Ransom, Wildfire, twitter@victoria_ransom

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