How Google+ can revolutionize your business

Donna Jackson

Posted by Donna Jackson

At our inaugural #MicUp event in September in London, we invited the attendees to write a guest article for our Salesforce UK #SocialSuccess page on any chosen topic.

The below post is from Donna Jackson, Brand Strategist, Amandini, about Google+ and what enterprises can learn about engagement and how this channel can revolutionize your business.

What is your opinion on Google+? Are you using it for leisure or your business? Have you tried it? We love to hear your thoughts. And hopefully you can join us for the next Mic-Up event on January 24th at the Hospital Club and we can discuss in person.

“There are a lot of opinions on Google+ after many adopted it with excitement at first. Later it morphed into apathy, when circles became too hard to manage. Or perhaps the user tolerance for yet another new place to share may have been exhausted. We can learn a lot about engagement from what two of my social media mentors have to say about it.

Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki.

Chris Brogan, best selling author of the books Trust agents, Google+ for business and his brand new, just released co-authored book impact equation, who I was following on Facebook and Twitter, warned us he was cutting back on his Facebook and would still continue to follow his core group there. A few weeks later his famous avatar ‘I have moved G+’ showed up on his Facebook and Twitter profile. At that time, having just heard about the launch of Google+ at Google Zurich, I decided to set up an account and then a page there and started building circles slowly. I immediately thought it made it easier to share content and links than Twitter, although I'd been an early adopter and fan of Twitter and still am.

It's really about where people are. When I joined Google+ there really was nobody there, other than the heavy hitters like Robert Scoble, who move in their elite own group and weren't looking to add novice followers. This made me wonder and I abandoned giving much attention to circles and just used it to share.

A year and a half later it's still pretty deserted in comparison to the giants, at about 1,5 million accounts.

‘If Facebook is Manhattan, then Google+ is like a small town in the desert. i.e. the wild west, ready for you to stake your claim.’

Chris Brogan chose to use Google+ for sharing content with his very engaged and massive audience, who look to him as a B2B and B2C marketing and social thought leader via his blog and keynote speeches. I discovered from Chris sometime ago that setting up a proper profile as well as an ‘About page’ will make a huge difference, whilst allowing people to message you.

Google+ can revolutionize your business, if you spend time on it.

Most blogs and sites now have a G+ share button on their articles, and you're not limited to 140 character tweets as you are on Twitter. Twitter is concerned about this just as Facebook were concerned about Instagram and the new LinkedIn features, as I reported here. It's a race for the major players to win the hearts and minds of users and then to be acquired by either Facebook or Google. Having discussions on Google+ around a subject is made very easy with all of Google's new features.

One new feature of G+ that Guy Kawasaki, the author of the books “What the plus” and “Enchantment”, suggests you test drive; is Google hangouts. I agree. I can see lots of business applications for this feature for those who have teams that need to coordinate across countries. Currently, Skype or Go-to-Meeting calls are often used by businesses for this, with a premium payment model. Video and talk have been rolled out on Hangouts and I feel a sea change coming on how we communicate.

Another great feature to manage engagement on your posts and hangouts is a tracker that allows you to track comments on your hangouts. Then here is another one I discovered – the hover card. This is a great place to put a few short words about yourself; it's the first thing most people will see about you, after your name and picture. The hovercard, if you haven't heard the word before, is the card that pops up when someone hovers over your name.

For more great information on Google+ check out this infographic and maybe it's time we all take another good look at these features to better manage our social engagement in a measureable way.”

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