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Surfing the social graph to power growth

zeebox is a startup that aims to make TV better by bringing the power of the web to live TV – and making it a more immersive and social experience than ever before.

As a new kind of social network, you might think zeebox would compete with the existing channels. Instead, it harnesses their power. One example: the app taps into the ‘open social graph’ functions of Twitter and Facebook to access user’s friends and followers, then leads them back to zeebox.

The extent of zeebox’s social innovation is far too extensive to summarise here – everything from pioneering the ‘watch’ verb on Facebook to integrating celebrity tweets with unique program pages on the web. To zeebox, social is not about collecting followers and likes (their numbers are just the tip of the social iceberg).

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Making audio content social

Mixcloud is a fast-growing internet radio company based in London. It was founded in 2008 by four friends from Cambridge University with one, simple mission: to connect radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts to new listeners.

Everyone from The Guardian Music Weekly to TED Talks, Barack Obama and the hottest DJs use the Mixcloud platform to share their Cloudcasts and find an audience.

For Mixcloud, social media is woven in to the product, the business plan and the company’s DNA. Instead of trying every social platform, they focus all their efforts on Facebook and Twitter – and it’s working.

The company has grown incredibly quickly without taking any outside investment – and they couldn’t have done that without social media.

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Simply Business

Simply Business

Using social to help small businesses succeed

Simply Business is the UK’s largest online business insurance broker, currently insuring almost 200,000 small businesses and landlords.

They’re known for providing relevant advice, insights and tips for small businesses, published in their website’s knowledge centre and shared via social media and email.

Simply Business is very active in social media, having built a 20,000+ Twitter following (the largest in the insurance industry); supporting active communities on Facebook and LinkedIn; posting video playlists on YouTube; and experimenting in almost every other social channel.

They take social media seriously, give it proper resources and start from a sound strategy. And we love the way they see their role as helping their customers succeed.

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