Meet the speakers for the next SocialSuccess Mic-Up

We're excited to announce the speaker lineup for the next edition of our SocialSuccess Mic-Up, taking place in partnership with Social Media Week London on September 24th.

This time around we will be hosting some of the most innovative and forward thinking charities and non-profits in the UK. They will be sharing their thoughts on what businesses can learn from charities and their use of social media to impact change.

If you've not signed up to attend already, head over to the Social Media Week page to grab one of the 50 free VIP passes we’re giving away and sign up for the event.

So without much further adieu, here are the chosen speakers, their topics, and a little bit of Q&A to get the juices flowing. Join the conversation on Twitter with #SMWMicUp

micup-joJo Creed, Social Media & Food Policy Manager
Jamie Oliver Foundation
“Using social media to start a global campaign: The story behind Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day”

Question: What non-profits or regular businesses do you look up to for social media strategy and why?
Jamie is really engaged on social, has a huge following and really involves supporters in a fun way, so he is great to start with. We also look to a number of different organisations from Charity Water and Mashable to more similar foodie campaigns such as Food Day, the Edible Schoolyard Project and Just Food. It’s always great to watch other charities and other brands and learn from what works and what doesn't, plus in the foodie world, it is good to see how we can work together to amplify the message.


micup-joJonathan Waddingham, Social & Labs Product Manager
Justgiving "Mobile and social, why your phone is your new BFF"

Question: On which social channel do you achieve your highest engagement?
Facebook. Almost 40% of our traffic comes from a variety of Facebook sources now, and we predict that it will be over 50% before too long. A couple of years ago we worked out that each Facebook like was worth (on average) an extra £5 in donations, so since that revelatory ROI calculation, we’ve delved ever deeper into Facebook integration, launching Timeline integration and many other features. Our post donation sharing tool generated an extra £1.4 million in 2012 alone. And in total last year, Facebook drove over 1.8 million donors to JustGiving, 50% more than 2011. And they gave over £34 million, up 44% on 2011. The numbers are growing even higher this year.


dSoenke Lorenzen, Media Analyst
Greenpeace International "Just another morality tale?"

Question: How do you think Social has changed the way your non-profit does business?
We don't do business, we mean business. Social media has enabled us to engage in an actual “conversation” with our followers and we can shape and adapt that conversation to benefit our campaigns. Every social media post, or social media mention is a campaign in itself, always sitting within the frame of the larger campaign. In this sense, social media is a great tool for raising awareness and mobilizing on smaller and bigger issues within a campaign. With traditional media, the “if it bleeds, it leads” approach meant that we were very focused on the grim stuff. However, social media moved us to focus more on happy/good news/solution stories. Social media thrives on positive stories, and it’s making us rethink the way we present the change we want. Greenpeace promotes solutions and good news a lot more than we did in the past, simply because we now have an outlet for them.


dEdward Saperia, Coordinator-in-Chief for Wikimedia 2014
Wikimedia "Five Things You Didn't Know About Wikipedia"

Question: Global reach and awareness is now closer than ever for global causes, what do you think charities and non-profits need to do to get their message across?
The same as any marketing – create relevant content designed with the publishing channel in mind.


dEwan Gaffney, Communications Manager
Youth Business International
“A global network for a global network: how social media brings YBI members closer together.”

Ewan's Q&A will be added soon.


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