Stop Blind Selling: 5 Stupid Things Bad Sales People Do


Posted by Carl Henderson


Selling is hard. It’s primarily hard because people don’t like being sold to. Prospects are naturally defensive and distrustful as they’ve experienced the way far too many salespeople sell.

Luckily in today’s new world of connected selling, things are set to improve. For everyone.

Take a click through this Slideshare and learn in a couple of minutes what the five stupid things are to avoid when working on your next sale. Of course, we’ll also show you how things should be done for making successful connected sales.

Hopefully you enjoyed what you’ve seen and some of it rings true? If your CRM platform doesn’t support the kind of connected selling we’re talking about here, or you don’t have a CRM tool at all, check out The CRM Switcher’s Guide: Five steps from old-school to social, mobile, cloud- powered CRM.

On behalf of The Prospect. Every prospect. Everywhere. Thank you for taking the time.

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