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UK Government signs MoU with Salesforce



Get a scalable, flexible, and secure platform with apps and services designed to meet your needs.

With Salesforce, you can rapidly transform the way you deliver services through solutions, and products that flex and scale to meet every need.

Implement immediately and see time to value and impact in days, not years.

Low code/no code SAAS platform that integrates with legacy systems.

Deliver an improved level of service to create satisfaction and build trust in public sector organisations.

Broad range of solutions from contact centres to case management to citizen engagement and many more.



Salesforce solutions for the unique
needs of your sector

See how Salesforce helps different public sector organisations adapt at speed, driving the changes required to tackle your biggest challenges and prepare for the future

Prepare for the future with tools to help report, track, and coordinate emergency communications.

Reimagine emergency response with an agile platform that enables better response and recovery.

Track readiness across organisations and facilities.

Communicate across email, SMS, and social platforms.

Capture information critical to each stage of the response.

Scale your call, web, chat, and text response systems.

Manage initial and long-term procedures.


See how Salesforce has helped public sector organisations

Partnering with Salesforce has helped public sector agencies around the world adapt at speed, driving the changes required to tackle it’s biggest challenges and prepare for the future.

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