A single, intelligent platform that helps you drive patient outcomes - and satisfaction.

We’ll help you deliver a truly connected experience to your customers and patients. With Salesforce, your team will be more efficient - so you can focus on what matters.

Meet your patients where they are

No matter the channel, empower your customer service team to deliver an exceptional and personalised patient experience led by intelligence.

Deliver an outstanding service

A single view of your patient helps you get to know them individually - so you can serve them earlier, better, at speed and scale.

All of your data in one place

The days of searching through multiple hard-to-read databases are gone. Say hello to everything just where you need it - in one place.

Enable patient adherence

With connected devices, mobile-first educational programmes to support patients and dedicated tools to empower field-based clinicians.

How Salesforce Health Cloud helps you drive up patient satisfaction.

We’ve answered common questions we’re asked most often by Healthcare organisations just like yours. Read on to learn how you can get the most out of Salesforce.
With our advanced suite of products hosted in the cloud, we’ll empower you to truly understand the person behind the patient, predict their needs, and support them with more flexibility and speed than ever before. With Health Cloud, you can transform your patient data into actionable insights to improve your service for patients - because that’s what truly matters.
Our dedicated Health Cloud solution equips your team with 360-degree views that help connect and engage every patient, member, employee, and partner. It’s the combination of the best of Salesforce, specifically targeted to the industry.
You know the patients are what matter. With a 360 degree holistic view of your patients, you can understand them better and deliver a truly connected experience across all of your channels to help you build more trust and loyalty. More time saved also means your medical professionals can focus on the person.

How the healthcare industry is changing

Get our report combining insights from over 6,000 healthcare consumers from right across the globe, so that you can stay ahead of the field in your patient offering.

I can now understand the impact of our programmes on patients’ wellbeing much more easily. The Salesforce solution has really helped to bring my work to life.”


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