Get a complete view of customers across all channels to improve cross-sell and upsell while generating more leads. With powerful CPQ functionality, sales teams can quickly determine the right solution for customers and simplify complex processes.

Provide smart, personalized service with instant access to critical contracts and entitlement data in one centralized location. With omni-channel support, service reps can engage customers in real time using their preferred line of communication.


Build intuitive apps that enable customers, dealers, and distributors to quickly and seamlessly conduct business. And help internal teams across all manufacturing departments optimize and streamline processes with customized, enterprise-grade apps.

Turn IoT data collected from devices, locations, equipment, accounts, and more into actionable insights that drive deeper engagement and accelerate innovation. And empower sales, service, and marketing teams to implement smart analytics-driven strategies.


Discover all the ways that Salesforce CRM solutions optimized for Manufacturing can help your business succeed in today’s changing landscape.