Connect and Personalise Retail Experiences Across Every Channel.

Bring your vision for omnichannel retail to life and deliver exciting, personalised customer experiences with Salesforce.
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Unify shopper experience on a single platform

Use Salesforce Customer 360 to gain a complete customer view, and use it to build surprising and satisfying shopping experiences – all on a single, central platform.

Personalise the shopper experience

Know. Personalise. Engage. Use Salesforce to tailor every interaction in the shopper journey, across their preferred channels.

Bring your commerce experiences and retail systems together

Create frictionless shopping experiences and omnichannel marketing journeys by connecting your commerce and retail systems to one another.

Serve customers faster across every channel

Provide real-time answers to customer questions, through any channel, and deliver smarter service using retail AI.

Turn your staff into service superheroes

Connect your team to instant customer insights so they can provide tailored instore service that blends digital and physical.

Build stronger, more valuable B2B relationships

Track and visualise B2B customers across every channel and empower associates with the insights they need to enrich and improve your most valuable relationships.

Some FAQs from our retail and commerce customers.

We partner with retailers of all types – in fashion, grocery, luxury and more – to provide the retail management platform of their dreams. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.
Salesforce connects your digital and physical retail channels, helping you create a single view of the customer – so you can deliver consistent multichannel customer experiences and deliver seamless service across every touchpoint.
Salesforce offers a wide range of solutions optimised for the retail industry. Retailers find the most powerful combination is our Commerce, Marketing and Service products. Powered by the Salesforce platform, this trio enables them to have a single view of the customer on any channel, any time. However, we offer a wide range of products that can supercharge your shopper experience and differentiate you from the competition.
It’s a cloud-based shopper experience platform that combines all your customer data, and enables your people to rally around that 360-degree view. It’s really a mixture of retail technology and customer engagement tools – with the power of AI, automation and personalisation – to help you create the kind of journeys that win shopper loyalty.

Retail Holiday Planning Guide.

Get ready for Peak 2021! Our new Retail Holiday Planning Guide contains tips and strategies from leading industry experts alongside data-rich insights, to help you plan for Cyber Week and beyond.

We needed to lead from the front. First, to build a great connection with our customers, and second, to lift the expectations and experiences that all customers have with all diamond jewellers.”

Michael Perry | Director of Omnichannel, De Beers Jewellers.

Salesforce has the retail CRM solution you’ve been looking for.

Contact us to talk about the latest Salesforce retail cloud solutions, and let us help you set up a strategy to start connecting with customers like never before.