Grow customer loyalty and acquire new shoppers.

Salesforce's CRM solution for retail can help you increase customer loyalty and retention. With a 360-degree view of each customer, you can use these insights to personalise engagement and build lifelong loyalty. Plus, having a connected system will help you attract new shoppers too. You can service any customer, any time, anywhere — and that will keep them coming back for more.

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Create customers for life with Salesforce Loyalty Management software.

Learn how you can measure — and increase — customer loyalty with Salesforce's Loyalty Management in our demo.

What’s included in this solution.

Loyalty Management lets you build intelligent B2B and B2C loyalty and customer retention programmes that are flexible, configurable, and easy to set up.
Marketing Cloud lets you personalise customer experiences and optimise each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.
Service Cloud helps you offer excellent customer service by automating your processes and supporting you to deploy the right agent at the right time.

Discover how De Beers builds brand loyalty with multi-channel customer experiences.

We needed to lead from the front. First, to build a great connection with our customers, and second, to lift the expectations and experiences that all customers have with all diamond jewellers.”

Michael Perry | De Beers Director of Omnichannel

Frequently Asked Questions.


What is customer loyalty and retention?

Customer loyalty is the likelihood that a customer will continue to engage with your business for a long period of time. Customer retention is the efforts a business makes to prevent customer loss.

Why is it important to build customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is essential for building a profitable company. It is also usually more cost-effective to retain existing customers versus constantly acquiring new ones.

How do you build brand loyalty?

Build brand loyalty by providing customers with seamless, meaningful and memorable experiences. A connected retail solution helps you understand and meet your shoppers' needs.

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