Salesforce for Travel & Hospitality

Delight customers and guests, encourage loyalty, and increase your competitive advantage.

Succeed in a digital-first world with Salesforce's travel and hospitality CRM. Our integrated Customer 360 platform will help you increase brand loyalty in hospitality, provide seamless customer experiences in tourism, and offer consistent guest service in hospitality. Want to know how you can win travellers and guests for life?


Speed up your processes, make the most of resources, and improve efficiencies.


Unify partner, employee and customer experiences on a single CRM platform.

Learn how travel and hospitality companies offer personalised customer experiences and integrate supply chains. Discover new digital workforce solutions with Salesforce.

Tailor your service at every stage of the travel journey.


Deliver personalised service.

Create a single view of the customer across all channels and deploy apps that let customers make bookings, find help, and get recommendations.
Build a unified view of each customer's interests and preferences into a single source of truth.

1. Nurture owner and B2B relationships.
Deliver intelligent, data-driven engagement that helps owners and corporate buyers optimise their spend.

2. Provide personalised engagement with a 360-degree view of each customer.
Engage travellers with automated, real-time, pre-trip guest interactions at scale.

3. Create a seamless travel experience.
Deliver in-trip multichannel support with a 360-degree view of your guest. Personalise the experience with meaningful, in-moment guest interactions with safety in mind.

4. Win brand loyalty, affinity, and advocacy.
Engage guests beyond their stay and build a base of lifelong customers with post-trip loyalty solutions.

5. Create value from end to end.
Build operational agility with systems that can scale. Support employees and move toward net zero.
Customer Data Platform links data from external and internal systems to get a 360-degree view of your guests and travellers.

Service Cloud allows you to automate your processes, simplify your workflows, and deploy the right agent at the right time.

Net Zero Cloud allows you to collaborate across partnerships, reduce supply chain emissions, and go net zero.

Sales Cloud helps you upskill your reps, speed up your revenue, and scale your business.

Marketing Cloud lets you personalise customer experiences and optimise each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.

MuleSoft integrates data from any system and automates complex tasks to deliver connected customer experiences — faster.

Tableau Analytics helps your entire team find important answers and start making data-led decisions.
Caesars ups the ante for excellent service.

“We bring cross-functional teams together in a way that wasn't possible before.” 
David Koloski, VP, VIP innovation & operations, Caesars Entertainment

Edwardian Hotels London helps more guests make great memories with Customer 360.


Frequently Asked Questions.


What is a CRM system for the travel industry?

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. In the travel industry, this can be used to consolidate data about a customer across every stage of their journey. This unified view of data can inform insights that improve every experience. Salesforce's CRM can be used to engage and delight travellers before, during, and after their trips.

Why is data analytics important for hotels?

Data analytics in the hospitality and tourism industry helps businesses to make better informed decisions. By understanding how guests behave and what they want, hotels can adjust to meet their needs and build loyalty in the process. Salesforce's MuleSoft supports businesses to integrate data in one place, while Tableau Analytics makes analysis possible.

What is seamless customer service?

Seamless customer service is when your customers are served consistently across multiple channels and across all of your outlets, whether engaging with you online, face-to-face, or over the phone. Salesforce helps you connect your channels so that you can create seamless journeys for every customer — every time.

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