Delight your customers, increase loyalty, and drive competitive advantage.

Salesforce enables you to harness your data to get a 360 view of your customer to deliver inspiring, seamless experiences.

Grow customer loyalty

We’ll help increase your revenue by engaging your customers and building their loyalty.

Transform your sales

With digital portals for selling and APIs for timely cross-selling opportunities to businesses and consumers.

Manage your team

Prioritise the automation of processes to increase staff effectiveness and keep them up-to-date on training.

Operate intelligently

Market-leading technology to speed up your processes and maximise resources.

Salesforce for Travel & Hospitality.

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We’ll help you deliver seamless and personalised experiences to delight customers and speed up your internal processes to keep you ahead of your competition.
Our top Travel and Hospitality clients are using Service Cloud which gives an easy-to-use unified view of your customers, Einstein to drive productivity and satisfaction and Customer 360 Platform to deliver exceptional personalised customer experiences.
With CRM, you’ll benefit from a 360 view of your customer driven by a combination of advanced data and tools that help you boost your revenue, increase your loyalty and keep travelers delighted.

Your guide to the Future of Travel & Hospitality.

We’ve broken down the latest data and insights to bring you an ebook on leading through the changes in the Travel & Hospitality sector.

We’re not in the business of managing IT, we’re in the business of giving customers
a great travel experience. And Salesforce helps us deliver just that.”

Simon Shaw | Head of Customer Contact Strategy, Eurostar.

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