We help Energy & Utilities companies deliver fast, innovative and seamless experiences to your stakeholders everywhere, at speed and at scale.

Make your utility company more efficient, give your customers outstanding experiences and maximise your resources with Salesforce.
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Deliver outstanding customer experience.

Drive customer satisfaction with rich data, and delight your customers with transparent, accessible and personalised journeys.

Improve your efficiency.

We automate all the back-office processes for you, to save you valuable time and money.  Salesforce can optimise your resources to deliver on your commitments, and delight your stakeholders.

Your team, empowered.

Working just got more agile with automation tools that are top of the class - empowering teams to work flexibly, wherever they need to be.

Your business, more innovative.

Accelerate your growth, discover new business models, embrace new partnerships and maximise your revenue.

Salesforce for Energy & Utilities

We’ve broken down top questions from companies just like yours on how Salesforce empowers your team, helps you innovate and keeps you ahead of your competition.
Salesforce delivers outstanding experiences for your teams and customers, and automates the back office work for you. You’ll be able to quickly adapt to market changes and innovate, all while putting the customer at the heart of your business.
Salesforce offers a wide range of solutions optimised for the Energy & Utilities sector. Take advantage of the changing marketplace as you deliver essential services at scale. For many companies, the most powerful combination is intelligent Field Service underpinned by Einstein Analytics. Powered by the Salesforce platform, drive visibility, control, efficiency, and convenience as you create a connected future for your customers, partners, and employees.
We’ll connect your Energy & Utilities company’s customer service, assets, field engineers, marketing and communications to help you respond efficiently to individual needs, spend less time on admin and help you deliver outstanding experience to your customers, teams and stakeholders.

Salesforce for the Water Industry.

Building the automated, optimised, and innovative water services provider of the future.

With Salesforce, we can build a greener world for generations to come.”


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