Salesforce CRM for Small Business

Grow your customer relationships.

Discover a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that can flex with the unique needs of your small business.


Increase efficiency and productivity with Salesforce CRM for small business.

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps you manage relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. Improve each interaction and watch your customer relationships grow along with your business.


Gain deep customer insights to sell smarter and faster.

Get instant reports and automate processes that used to be time-consuming. Go from potential deals to wins, faster.


Solve customer issues more efficiently.

Be ready to tackle customer issues as they pop up with personalised support and onscreen answers for your employees.


Drive efficient growth with marketing and sales alignment.

Personalise your messaging to find more qualified leads as your business grows - and close more deals.


Priced to meet the needs of small business.



Small business CRM for up to 10 users
£ 20
(billed annually)

Sales Professional

Complete Sales CRM for any size team
£ 60
(billed annually)

Service Professional

Complete Service CRM for any size team
£ 60
(billed annually)

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Suite of marketing automation tools for any size team
£ 1,000
/month** up to 10,000 contacts
(billed annually)
* Offer requires an annual contract. Monthly pricing available.
** This edition requires an annual contract. Monthly pricing available on Essentials edition.
This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.

Customer success spotlight

Meet businesses like yours growing with Salesforce.


With Salesforce, we can create journeys that are right for everyone and provide even more value to our customers.

Neil Gardiner
VP of Product and Design, GoHenry

When we decided to get a CRM solution it had to be Salesforce. I wanted to build our business on the best, and Salesforce is the world´s #1 CRM.

Paula Gillart
Managing Director, The Skin Nerd

With Salesforce, we´re experiencing 93% year-on year growth - outperforming the wider industry by 55%.

Lance Paterson
VP of Research, Audioboom


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Learn the Fundamentals of Salesforce CRM for Small Business

Salesforce CRM for Small Business FAQ


What is Small Business CRM?

A small business CRM is a customer relationship management tool designed to support communication with customers and prospective customers at a price point, and with features, relevant to a smaller businesses.

What features do SMEs need in a CRM?

  • a cloud-based CRM system
  • email tracking, web lead capturing, custom reporting and workflow automation
  • a price point and package tailored to their size

What are the benefits of CRM for Small Business?

  • automate communications to maximise resources
  • share contact records for flexibility
  • use data analysis to better target customers to grow sales
  • access customer service tools to drive satisfaction and loyalty

Speak to our experts about how Salesforce can help your business do more with less.

Learn how Salesforce CRM for small business can help your SME lower costs, drive productivity and reach its full potential.