Stories of Resilience: A Conversation with Angela Duckworth and Andy Puddicombe

Unexpected changes can cause major ripple effects -- not only in our businesses, but also in our personal lives. That's why it's critical for small business leaders to not only retain their passion and perseverance, but also maintain a sense of mindfulness while doing so. Join us to learn strategies for developing grit and building mental stamina from best-selling author and CEO of Character Lab *Angela Duckworth* and Co-Founder of Headspace *Andy Puddicombe*,* *live in conversation with Salesforce SVP of SMB Marketing Marie Rosecrans.

Stories of Resilience is an ongoing virtual event series where small business leaders share true stories of how they’ve navigated challenging times. Speakers will offer strategies for adapting and pivoting their businesses, and provide inspiration to forge a path forward.

Featured Speakers:
Angela Duckworth, Founder and CEO, Character Lab
Andy Puddicombe, Co-founder, Headspace
Marie Rosecrans, SVP of SMB Marketing, Salesforce
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