Customer-Obsessed Companies: Behind the Scenes

Customer-Obsessed Companies: Behind the Scenes

What are the chief marketing and chief customer officers of three of the most successful companies in the world doing differently from you? What does it mean to be a customer-obsessed organization?

Join us for an exclusive panel discussion featuring Vicki Jones, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Operations at AT&T, and Kim Smith, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer at Capgemini. You’ll learn:

- Why customer retention matters more than customer acquisition
- Why your brand strategy must align with customer experience
- How customer intelligence can offer you insight at scale — and improve your product
- Why prospects can teach you more than existing customers

Vicki Jones is Senior Vice President of AT&T Entertainment Group and Consumer Mobility Support, AT&T Services, Inc. She is responsible for end-to-end customer experience strategy and investment, DIRECTV merger synergies, delivery of FCC merger conditions, Entertainment Group and Consumer Mobility compliance, and business unit support functions.

Kim Smith serves as the Chief Digital Officer of North American Application Services and Consulting Services for Capgemini. Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services, and here Kim leads the overall digital portfolio for North American business units. She architects the digital strategy and works with the company's global innovation initiatives to create innovation practices.

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