Representation Matters On Demand

Representation Matters On Demand

Salesforce is hosting our third-annual Racial Equality summit, Representation Matters. This year’s event has been reimagined as a weeklong virtual event series and seeks to inspire, empower, and elevate our most underrepresented communities in tech. 

Representation Matters event will feature luminary Black, Latinx, and Indigenous business leaders, activists, authors, c-level executives, and more. Together with Deloitte Digital, we will celebrate our Trailblazers on the virtual stage while having important discussions about how we all can drive Racial Equality in our businesses and the world around us. 

Here's a look at the week's agenda:
Monday, September 14: Your Vote Matters: Civic Engagement: A look at how technology and media connect and empower underrepresented communities as we continue on this journey to create an equal world for all.

Tuesday, September 15: Leading From the C-Suite: A conversation on building and advocating for financial inclusion and empowerment within underrepresented communities, while highlighting actions we can take to further close the racial wealth gap.

Wednesday, September 16: Power of Inclusive Storytelling: An exploration of the power of storytelling in media, literature, and social justice movements as a catalyst for systemic change.

Thursday, September 17: Path to Racial Justice & Equality: Join us as we discuss the relationship between filmmaking and activism in order to challenge bias in the criminal justice system.

Friday, September 18: Representation Matters in the Media + Virtual Dance Party: Join us for a fireside chat with a special guest and a DJ as we wrap up the weeklong event series.
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