Tribal Marketing: Turn Your Customers Into Brand Evangelists

Tribal Marketing: Turn Your Customers Into Brand Evangelists

A lot of companies attempt tribal marketing, but few are successful at turning customers into brand evangelists. SoulCycle is an excellent example of success. In just 11 years, SoulCycle went from a simple idea and a single studio in New York City to 82 locations across the nation. Join Spencer Rice, Co-Founder of LifeShop and former CMO of SoulCycle, as he talks about:

- Best practices for turning happy customers into evangelists
- Why building a strong community is the way to create a sustainable brand
- How to nurture your company’s current customers and acquire new ones

Spencer Rice is the Co-Founder of LifeShop and the former CMO at SoulCycle. Before joining SoulCycle, Spencer served as the Creative Director and SVP at Civic Entertainment Group. In both positions, Spencer played an integral role in establishing strategic marketing initiatives and partnerships, and creating brand campaigns, driving both companies to great successes.

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