Dreamtalk: will.i.am. - The Next Evolution of Interactive A.I.
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Dreamtalk: will.i.am. - The Next Evolution of Interactive A.I.

Simply put, there is a better way for humans and A.I. systems to connect.  At iamplus, we believe the current approach to voice interaction is holding back the potential of the technology. In this session, Deutsche Telekom will join will i. am and speakers from iamplus to demonstrate a solution that is ushering in the next evolution of voice and computer interaction — an evolution that relies not on the eye or touch, but the ear.
How We Got Here:
For decades, the primary bridge between people and their computers was the mouse and keypad. But everything changed in 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone, complete with a touch interface which allowed the general public to interact with computers in never-before-seen ways. The human touch became the new bridge between human and computer interaction. 
Since then, recent developments in augmented and mixed reality systems have many people pointing to the eye as the next great computer interface. However, AR and MR are far off in the future and as such, people may be missing the presently occurring revolution: voice-enabled A.I.
Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Assistant and IBM’s Watson are all examples of voice-enabled A.I. that have captured much of the world’s attention. But adoption is not growing as fast as many have hoped — not even for those who have brought voice assistants into their homes and offices, because the vast majority of these systems’ capabilities are never utilized. 
Join us for some surprising developments in this category.
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