Looking Under the Hood of Your Org with Eclipse
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Looking Under the Hood of Your Org with Eclipse

When making a change to a field or even a report in Salesforce, we often wonder as admins "Where is this used?" or "What will this impact?" Thinking of, and manually searching, all of the possible places that something might be used can be both daunting and impractical.
There has to be a better way–and there is! Whether something is utilized in a report, a workflow, a page layout, or even just mentioned in a dashboard; you'll learn how to find it with Eclipse and the Force.com IDE–a free tool built for developers that is perfect for clicks-not-code admins too.
In this session, we'll walk through installing Eclipse and the Force.com IDE, and then show you how to start searching your org. You will leave this session with a powerful toolset to confidently manage changes in Salesforce.
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