Automated Intelligence Fosters Trust in Insights
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Automated Intelligence Fosters Trust in Insights

“How can we stop multiple teams from pulling information into their own dashboards and then spending all our meeting time wondering why everyone’s data doesn’t match up?”

While introducing an era of unprecedented access to insight, self-service analytics have pulled users down the rabbit hole of analysis. A wonderous path of discovery, when traversed side by side rather than collaboratively can lead to confusion, disagreement and a lack of trust in insights.

Salesforce Einstein’s new data catalog from Alation can help. By using an automated intelligence engine for proactive data governance, Alation guides users through the nuances of data discovery, building collaborative trust in data.

Join Salesforce’s own head of product data science, Hernan Asorey, to hear how Salesforce uses Alation internally to:
-Increase analytic adoption
-Foster collaboration for speed to insight
-Establish trust in insights that drive business decisions
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