Unleashing Innovators

Unleashing Innovators

Innovation. What can mature companies and startups learn from each other? What do 20-year-old startups like Amazon and Google do differently? Innovation has never been so critical to growth and long-term success. Join Jim Stengel, former Global CMO of Procter & Gamble (P&G) and author, as he discusses his latest book, Unleashing the Innovators. We'll go over:

-How companies of all sizes can maintain and accelerate innovation
-Characteristics of effective partnerships between mature companies and startups
-Examples of organizations that constantly reignite their entrepreneurial DNA to stay ahead of the game

Jim Stengel is a renowned marketer who has a passion for purpose-driven brands. In addition to serving as the Global CMO of P&G and overseeing exponential growth, he has been awarded for exceptional leadership and marketing by Advertising Age, Fortune, and Cannes Lions. Most recently he was inducted into the American Marketing Association's 2017 Hall of Fame. Jim has also significantly contributed to the Cannes Lions Young Lions program at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, having created and led extensive training for young marketers and future CMOs for the past six years.

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