Analytics 3.0 and Beyond: From Ad Hoc Insights to Automated Decisions
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Analytics 3.0 and Beyond: From Ad Hoc Insights to Automated Decisions

Many companies are excited about the possibility of competitive advantage from analytics on big data, but many don’t understand how to take full advantage of this resource, or how to integrate it with their existing analytical activities. In this session, Tom Davenport will describe what organizations are attempting to accomplish with big data analytics, and how companies can assemble the necessary capabilities and blend them with those for traditional analytics. Several leading examples of companies—large firms and startup—that are aggressively integrating big and small data will be presented. Professor Davenport will also describe a framework he has developed called “Analytics 3.0,” which involves analytics at speed and scale for the data economy. Finally, he’ll provide a peek into the likely attributes of Analytics 4.0, which will involve automated, interconnected decision-making in many different business domains.
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