Agility, Innovation and Collaboration: Core to the Ultimate Customer Experience

Agility, Innovation and Collaboration: Core to the Ultimate Customer Experience

The speed and magnitude of change is affecting organizations at an unprecedented rate. Managing change requires all functions of an organization to be more agile, innovative, and most importantly, collaborative. The best companies have cross-functional engagement, are experimenting with new approaches, and are exploring the art of the possible, all the while staying laser focused on the customer and their experience. Although, to make it even more complex, the ways in which customers are interacting with brands are rapidly evolving as well. Join Catharine Hays, author and advertising expert, and Julie Hansen, Principal Customer Advisor at Salesforce, as they discuss:

-Case studies and best practices from some of the world's biggest brands that are at the forefront of innovation
-The evolving role of marketing and sales leaders as they manage their teams and effectively reach their customers
-How to inspire and drive collaboration across your organization

Catharine Hays was the Co-Founder and Executive Director (2008–2018) of the Wharton Future of Advertising Program, an international collaboration of over 2,500 executives, innovators, and academics collaborating to make the future of advertising and marketing better for brands, people, and society. She is co-author of Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints and is a host on Sirius XM 111’s “Marketing Matters” and “CMO Spotlight."

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