Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

We live in an always-on world that creates demands for better experiences and interactions with government at all levels. For the public sector to best deliver on its mission, agencies and their employees need IT systems that provide analytical insights to drive decisions, improve work process effectiveness, and provide the best experience for their constituents. Join us for a conversation with Andrew Bartels, Forrester analyst; and Rusty Pickens, Founder and Principal of 580 Strategies and former U.S. Department of State senior advisor, as we discuss:

-IT trends affecting the public sector
-Solutions to help agencies become more efficient and effective
-Why data and analytical capabilities are critical to having effective constituent and citizen experiences
-Why government entities need to put constituent and citizen experiences at the top of their agenda

Andrew Bartels, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, primarily contributes to Forrester’s offerings for the CIO. As an analyst, he is a leading expert on technology market trends and sizing, cloud and smart computing technologies, technology budget benchmarks and processes, and technology’s impact on business operations in various industries, including government.

Rusty D. Pickens is the Founder of 580 Strategies, former Senior Advisor for Digital Platforms at the U.S. Department of State, and former Acting Director for New Media Technologies at the White House, where he led teams who operated cloud platforms for the Obama administration to increase public engagement, improve user experience, enhance staff productivity, and heighten security posture.

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